Aloha Salads

The first Aloha Salads opened its doors in May of 2006 in the quiet beach town of Kailua, Hawaii. From that day forward, local customers and visitors to Hawai'i have lined up to enjoy the healthy offerings of locally grown Hawaiian fruits and vegetables, gourmet meats and cheeses and delectable home-made dressings. Although there have been additions to the menu since then, the staples of Aloha Salads like the Aloha Passion with Grilled Steak and the Ono Island Ahi have remained unchanged.

It remains dedicated to supporting local farmers and fishermen while providing its customers with the freshest, healthiest and most delicious ingredients available. Our field greens come, not by boat from the mainland, but straight from the North Shore of Oahu. Our tomatoes come ripened on the vine from Hau'ula, Hawai'i delivered by the farmer himself. Our ahi comes, always fresh, never previously frozen or injected with CO2 straight from Hawaiian waters caught by Hawaiian fishermen using sustainable fishing methods.

Aloha Salads deeply cares about its customers' health. To that end, its signature salad dressings are made without the use of hydrogenated oils or trans fats. Even its breads are made without the use of such oils. Their sandwich breads are made with extra virgin olive oil and nutrient powerhouses like flax seeds. The pita bread is entirely fat and sugar free.