Pali Momi Pavilion - Women's Health Center

Pali Momi Pavilion - Women's Health Center

Comprehensive Breast Health Services

  • Digital mammography: screening, diagnostics, implants
  • Tomosynthesis breast imaging (3D mammography)
  • Screening whole breast ultrasound: for women with dense breasts and/or breast implants
  • Breast MRI: high-risk screening, diagnostics and biopsy
  • Non-surgical breast biopsy (Stereotactic core biopsy)
  • Breast ultrasound-guided core biopsies, cyst aspirations, imaging
  • Computer aided detection (CAD) advanced analysis of images to help detect the presence of abnormalities
  • High-risk breast program
  • Genetic counseling and testing
  • Seamless integration with the HPH Cancer Center at Pali Momi and a robust navigation program with you every step of the way

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Pali Momi offers a wide range of OB-GYN imaging services, which ensures that all exams are performed under the direct supervision of and interpreted by our gynecologic ultrasound-trained physicians.

Obstetrical ultrasound services are provided by Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists from our sister facility, Kapiolani Fetal Diagnostic Center in Honolulu. Specializing in the care of pregnant women and their fetuses, including high-risk pregnancies, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring ultrasound services are provided in a safe and comfortable environment in a location that is easily accessible for women in Central and West Oahu.

Obstetrical and gynecological exam services are available in the Pali Momi Outpatient Center just upstairs from the Women’s Center through our partners University Health Partners of Hawai‘i Women’s Health Services.


Additional Services

  • Bone Health Program
    • DEXA (hip and spine) scanning
    • Osteo-cise and structural strength classes
    • Free public information sessions
  • Free patient resource room, including private room for wig fittings
  • Complimentary healing touch
  • Health and wellness classes and community events