Hālau Lilia Makanoe

Hālau Lilia Makanoe was established by Kumu Hula Shelsea Lilia Ai as a way to perpetuate the Hula Lineage entrusted to her. As a fourth generation Kumu Hula or hula teacher, Shelsea displays her devotion by planting the basic fundamentals and a love and respect for Hawai`iʻs dance within her students and then growing their own devotion through repetitive lessons and the sharing of the history, literature, language, culture, traditions of these islands through performance and interactions. Kumu Shel is currently offering hula lessons for kaikamahine and wahine ages 3 1/2 and above. More classes will be introduced throughout the year which may include lessons for Keikikāne ages 5-11, a mommy and me hula class for toddlers, and a hula noho class for those with limited physical activity who enjoy Hawaiian music and dance.