Hawaii Pacific Health Cancer Center at Pali Momi Medical Center

Hawaii Pacific Health Cancer Center at Pali Momi Medical Center

The Hawaii Pacific Health Cancer Center at Pali Momi provides comprehensive and coordinated cancer care in one convenient and centralized location for Central and West Oahu residents.

Walking from Pali Momi Medical Center

On the ground floor, use the covered walkway located on the makai (ocean) side of the building. Continue along the sidewalk, cross the driveway for the parking garage entrance, and upon reaching the stop sign on Haukapila Street, take the crosswalk to the front entrance of the Cancer Center.


Free in the parking garage adjacent to the Cancer Center building.

For those who require assistance:
Upon entering Pearlridge Center from Pali Momi Street, continue on Haukapila Street to the stop sign; turn right. Take the second left to enter the ground floor of the parking garage.There are two drop-off areas with ramps for patients in wheelchairs. (Green path on map.)

Patients and visitors who require assistance to the Hawaii Pacific Health Center at Pali Momi can rely on our new Parking Ambassador, who is available inside the parking garage adjacent to the Cancer Center to lend a helping hand.

Family and caregivers are recommended to park on the ground floor. There are 10 parking spots designated for Cancer Center patients only, but all spots are available to park if those are occupied.

For those who do not require assistance:
There is a designated drop-off area on Haukapila Street in front of the Cancer Center for patients who require little or no assistance. Those who require assistance are encouraged to use our Parking Ambassador program.

To park, family and caregivers may continue on Haukapila Street, passing California Pizza Kitchen on the left. Turn right at the stop light, through the mall parking lot, and follow the road around to the right, up the ramp, and into the parking structure entrance. (Blue path on map.)

Park on any floor in the parking structure. (The second floor tends to have the most available parking spaces.) We recommend parking close to the elevator for easiest accessibility down and back up. Take elevator down to the ground level and use the crosswalk to cross the street and enter the Cancer Center.

For more information, visit: Pali Momi Cancer Center