At Hakubundo, we believe in a convenient and happy lifestyle for our customers. In order to achieve this lifestyle we carefully select a variety of Japanese products for you. If our customers enjoy the cute, fun, and original items found in our store, our goal has been accomplished. Please come check out our products, we look forward to seeing you at Hakubundo.

HISTORY - In 1910, we opened our doors in Hawaii. We provided Japanese imports such as: ceramic plates, traditional Ichimatsu dolls, and other goods. The store became an important source of keeping the local Japanese plantation workers connected to their roots.

PARENT COMPANY - Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd.

JPT was founded in January 1942 to export Japanese books and magazines, entertainment products like records and shogi as well as typical goods like chopsticks and wooden bowls to meet strong demand from many Japanese people living abroad and expatriate employees.

In 1950, at the request of educational institutions and libraries in Japan, JPT started an import business. Since then, JPT have grown based on our mission of introducing traditional Japanese culture around the world and bringing international cultures into Japan.

On April 1, 2008, together with all our employees, JPT established a new corporate philosophy, “Contributing to international society through the culture business.” Committed to this shared philosophy, both the employees and the management strive to achieve the corporate mission of pursuing physical and spiritual happiness for people around the world as well as contributing to the development of humankind and society.