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Hawaiian Sense of Place 

'Ano o kahi

Pearlridge Center’s journey to create a sense of place, began with a quest to pay homage to the Hawaiian culture that has made the city of ʻAiea the community it is today. The Pearlridge sense of place efforts call for the community and our ancestors of the past, present and future, to bring forth their power from within (mana) to honor and bless Pearlridge as we cultivate new energy of our ancestry to enter, dwell and prosper. 


Art & Culture


The Hawaiian culture promotes a deep respect for land, sea, and one-another. This philosophy has led to Hawaiʻi becoming one of the greatest cultural melting pots in the world. The Hawaiian people incorporate these cultural values daily, through the expression of food, religion and language, creating a sense of place for all those who reside on the islands. Pearlridge Center’s goal is to keep these traditions alive, so, we have enhanced our sense of place for the community by commissioning eleven pieces of art to tell the deep rooted history of the Hawaiian people for generations to come.

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Ka mea'ai

Indigenous Hawaiians drew both their physical and spiritual sustenance from the land and sea around them, living in a constant balance with their environment. Hawaiians have stayed true to their love of seafood and the philosophy that the Hawaiian people have an important relationship with the ocean and the resources it provides. Pearlridge Center has introduced new markets and restaurants sharing the same Hawaiian philosophies. Uncle’s Fish Market & Grill and Down to Earth Market are two examples of new markets now calling Pearlridge home.    

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