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Holiday KidX

Attention all KidX members! Join us for a fun Holiday KidX event on Saturday, Dec 18 from 10  – 11:30 a.m. for story time with Santa! We will have fun Holiday crafts and letters to Santa.

Crafts and activities ideal for children ages 10 and under.

You MUST be a current KidX Club member to participate.

KidX Kid’s Club is our NEW club where kids get to come together with FREE activities that inspire them to explore their world. With KidX, “X” marks the spot for members to have fun, playful and educational experiences. Whether it’s expression through art, exploration of a kids safety fair, or the exhilaration of fun fitness activities, KidX brings enriching experiences to members and their families.

To sign up for FREE, please email kyna.nakama@washingtonprime.com your first and last name and your children's first and last name. By doing this, you're consenting to signing up to our KidX newsletter.